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Booker Book Club Wrapup

Almost everyone enjoyed A Spool of Blue Thread, and not just those of us who are already Anne Tyler fans. Everyone agreed that book captured the essence of Baltimore, as other Tyler books do. We also enjoyed the inter-family dynamic and dialog, especially the dancing around important issues, which seemed very realistic. Many of us found beautiful simple prose on every page of this book. Some of us found that reading this was a relief after the dense language of The God of Small Things.

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Our shelves are nearly full and we have thousands of great new books coming in this summer, so it's time to make some room. For the first time, we are discounting select titles in most of our book categories. In the store look for a Righton Books price label on the back of the book indicating the regular price and "Our Price". Online look for any title that shows the red "Discounted" banner on it. 

Some of these discounts are as high as 80%. 

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Pens, Pens and More Pens



As part of our expanded gift department we are now offering a huge selection of pens and other writing tools. Here are just some of the types we now offer:

  • brush pens
  • rollerball pens
  • highlighter
  • erasable pens
  • fine line markers
  • mechanical pencils 

And, we carry the following brands:

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Crane Stationery Is Here!




We are thrilled to announce the addition of Crane Stationery to our gift department. This 250 year old company still makes some of the nicest paper products available anywhere. We have a large assortment of notecards, correspondence cards, stationery and more. Most are beautifully embossed. We even have a couple of sets of notecards for children. Be sure to stop by to see the full selection. 

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March Historical Fiction Book Club Recap - Year of Wonders

I enjoyed our discussion of Year of Wonders on Monday evening. Overall, we had mostly positive feelings about this book. It was beautifully written, with lovely descriptive passages that felt very realistic, and based on a real place! We appreciated the realistic depiction of a survivor who must everyone else's work, as often happens in dystopian stories, too. The ending was powerful, as Anna chose to take care of herself and her children by putting herself in novel situation, in a more intellectually advanced society, but as a multiple wife.

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March Booker Book Club Recap- Case Study

Not everyone liked Case Study, and I can understand that completely. None of the characters were likable, and some of us found all of them to be uninteresting, too. The non-linear format of the book was further obfuscated by the unreliability of the (unnamed) narrator of the journals. The prose was straightforward, and lacked the lyrical beauty of passages we have enjoyed in other books.

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