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The Nautical Home: Beach-Themed Ideas to Decorate with Seaside Spirit

The Nautical Home: Beach-Themed Ideas to Decorate with Seaside Spirit

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Publication Date: June 15th, 2021


Sit back, relax, watch the waves, and transform your home into the perfect beachfront "cabin."

Are you a beach bum, a beach lover, or simply just a fan of the water? If you find yourself constantly longing for a relaxing vacation along the sandy shores of Tahiti or yearning to go on a coast-to-coast cruise, look no further. Interior designer Anna Örnberg has all the solutions to bring the waves to your home and living room.

With Anna’s advice and expertise, you can turn your own apartment or living space into a beautiful waterfront home. Live on the beach with nautical style and enjoy the waves. Using seashells, ropes, dark woods, and light-colored walls, the interior designs in this book remind readers of sunken ships and buried treasures. The decor will inspire homeowners to personalize their homes into the most calming and soothing living quarters, a place where they can sit, relax, and enjoy the ocean breeze. Projects include:

  • Wooden lampshades
  • Nautical placemats and pot holders
  • Building your own lighthouse
  • Beanbags and pillowcases

The nautical look is a classic theme that suits a wide audience. Whether you’re looking for new ideas to spruce up your city center apartment or looking to decorate your holiday vacation home, this book has the answers. The Nautical Home has a little something for everyone, from the average homeowner hoping to reinvent a room or more to the recent college grad looking for new ways to decorate a new home. With the interior designs in this book, you can finally be the captain of your own ship or home.

About the Author

Anna Örnberg is a “do-it-yourselfer,” decorator, and writer. She is the author of more than twenty-eight books on interior decorating, repurposing flea market finds, and DIY for the home, as well as countless DIY articles featured in magazines and journals. She lives with her husband and their two teenage children in a huge house turned workshop in Hovmantorp, Sweden.