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Ghosts of the Georgia Coast

Ghosts of the Georgia Coast

Current price: $12.95
Publication Date: September 1st, 2002
Pineapple Press
Righton Books
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In this book, you'll find plenty of evidence that the supernatural is alive in the Golden Isles. Crumbling slave cabins, plantation homes and grand mansions, ancient forts, even a hospital that once cared for the five hundred slaves of Retreat Plantation -- all have their own aura, created by those long since dead.

  • A silent Indian couple wanders, looking with pleading eyes to anyone who can help find something precious lost long ago.
  • The ghost of a lonely woman still haunts the theater where she killed herself.
  • Two men grapple with swords in a graveyard, replaying a scene from their lives again and again.
    -- A woman visiting an old inn experiences deja vu when she is transported to an elegant party that took place there a century before.
  • The ghost of a young polo player killed in a bizarre horseback riding accident strides silently through the place that was his last destination on earth.

These stories of restless souls, heartbroken lovers, skin-walkers, and protective spirits will give you a case of the creeps. Keep the lights on