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Geneva on the Lake: A History of Ohio's First Summer Resort (Brief History)

Geneva on the Lake: A History of Ohio's First Summer Resort (Brief History)

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Publication Date: March 11th, 2012
History Press
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Geneva on the Lake details the history of this town which resides on the coast of Lake Erie, one that is well-loved and enjoyed by many.

For over a century, Ohio and Pennsylvania families have made an annual trek to a special spot on the shores of Lake Erie. This tiny piece of Northeast, Ohio, has made a huge impression on the hearts of thousands of visitors. But what is it about this town that draws generation after generation back for a vacation every summer? Why, when other resorts and amusements crumbled apart in the mid-nineteenth century, was Geneva on the Lake able to sustain some of the most trying times in the entertainment industry? Perhaps, by tracing the history of the town, and by exploring what the town is today, one may discover the answers to these questions. By examining numerous accounts of happy times on the lakeside, one will discover that some feelings have held true since the resorts beginnings; Geneva on the Lake has a magical way of lingering in our memories, connecting us to our past, and forever remaining in our hearts.