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The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors: Plant-Led Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for Cooks

The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors: Plant-Led Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for Cooks

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Publication Date: May 23rd, 2023
Bloomsbury Publishing
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Staff Reviews

NIki Segnit created The Flavor Thesaurus, a unique look at food combinations, and it was an eye-opening experience for me. Now she’s back with a sequel that focuses on vegetarian ingredients. For each pairing, she gives us an anecdote, sometimes a recipe, and in some cases, like the combination of chocolate and pecans, and explanation of why each ingredient might be better paired with something else. Niki Segnit is one of our best writers, in any genre.

— Anne


"The reigning champion of matching ingredients." -Yotam Ottolenghi

"Brilliant, informative, and witty." -Rukmini Iyer

The plant-led follow-up to The Flavor Thesaurus, "a rich and witty and erudite collection" (Epicurious), featuring 92 essential ingredients and hundreds of flavor combinations.

With her debut cookbook, The Flavor Thesaurus, Niki Segnit taught readers that no matter whether an ingredient is “grassy” like dill, cucumber, or peas, or “floral fruity” like figs, roses, or blueberries, flavors can be created in wildly imaginative ways. Now, she again draws from her “phenomenal body of work” (Yotam Ottolenghi) to produce a new treasury of pairings-this time with plant-led ingredients.

More Flavors explores the character and tasting notes of chickpea, fennel, pomegranate, kale, lentil, miso, mustard, rye, pine nut, pistachio, poppy seed, sesame, turmeric, and wild rice-as well as favorites like almond, avocado, garlic, lemon, and parsley from the original-then expertly teaches readers how to pair them with ingredients that complement. With her celebrated blend of science, history, expertise, anecdotes, and signature sense of humor, Niki Segnit's More Flavors is a modern classic of food writing, and a brilliantly useful, engaging reference book for every cook's kitchen.

About the Author

Niki Segnit's first book, The Flavor Thesaurus, won the André Simon Award for best food book and the Guild of Food Writers Award for best debut. It has been translated into fifteen languages. Her second book, Lateral Cooking, has been called “a staggering achievement” by Nigella Lawson, the “book of the decade” by Elizabeth Luard, and ”astonishing and addictive” by Brian Eno. It has been translated into nine languages. She lives in London with her husband and two children.

Praise for The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors: Plant-Led Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for Cooks

“Tantalizing and inspiring ... Focused on plant-forward ingredients, this handy reference offers tasty vegetable match-ups for creative cookery … With its flavor pairings conveniently cross-referenced, this guide is as practical as it is mouthwatering.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Segnit's] prose hums with poetic cadence in descriptions such as caramel roasted, flower and meadow, creamy fruity, zesty woody, nutty milky, and animalic, making it a whimsical read for those who simply want to be delighted by a discussion of food … Clever, unusual, and overwhelmingly intriguing, part two of The Flavor Thesaurus adds pizzazz to cookbook collections with its offbeat, choose-your-own-adventure look at the possibility of flavor pairings today.” —Booklist

“Fans of Segnit's original The Flavor Thesaurus will be thrilled with her follow-up ... Recommend to those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and looking behind the scenes of cookery, along with fans who are looking for the next installment of flavor pairings. Food lovers will enjoy Segnit's meander through food memories, recipes, and advice, along with all the practical uses for this flavor reference guide.” —Library Journal

“Brilliant, informative and witty … The range of flavour combinations and recipe suggestions is incredible, written with lightness of touch and humour that had me laughing out loud. An invaluable read. This book will inspire a new generation of home cooks, chefs and writers alike.” —Rukmini Iyer

“Matching ingredients isn't a trivial matter and Niki Segnit is definitely the reigning champion. She knows what goes with what and why, and shares her endless insights with generosity and affability.” —Yotam Ottolenghi

“Perfect for those willing to invest in a well-researched, captivating read and explore the rich world of plant flavors and their creative yet practical applications.” —Tasting Table

“Pure, informative delight ... Segnit not only covers continents but also makes deft, slyly humorous work of connecting their dishes ... Segnit effortlessly glides readers up and over her culinary Everest.” —New York Times Book Review on LATERAL COOKING

“A staggering achievement.” —Nigella Lawson, on LATERAL COOKING

“An imaginative but practical matchmaker, [Segnit] has a gift for pairing sometimes lackluster ingredients in a way that brings out the best in them and makes them more appealing as a couple than they ever were as loners.” —The Wall Street Journal on THE FLAVOR THESAURUS

“Perfect for fans of Salt Fat Acid Heat.” —Samin Nosrat (via Instagram), on LATERAL COOKING